Homes & Garages

Homes & Garages – Protects the charging station and your robotic mower from exposure to sun and rain.

Homes & Garages provide a safe place for your robotic lawn mower to get away from the weather and a place to charge up. Providing shelter for your lawn mower is extremely important in extending its life as well as its appearance.

Benefits of a robotic mower house/garage/shelter:

  • Protects from the elements – Moisture and rain can damage and short circuit your charging station while harsh sunlight can overheat the battery.
  • Protects from impact – Even if you place your charging station in a safe and secluded area, there’s still a chance that it can be accidentally jostled by pedestrians, pets, and children playing.
  • Protects from animals – make your appliance harder to access for animals and garden pests
  • Protects from theft and vandalism – Whenever you’re not using your mower, it will be safely tucked inside away from prying eyes and temptation.
  • Decorative – one that looks like a dog’s kennel, disguise it as part of your lawn, or just a simple shade if that’s more you.

Almost all robotic lawnmowers are weatherproof but covering with a canopy or a house & garage etc will defiantly pay off after years of use – just like keeping a car in a garage!

Let your robotic mower match your lifestyle. We offer a range of tasteful, high-quality accessories designed to enhance your product.

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