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Robotic Mowers For Commercial Use

Leading the way since 1995

Husqvarna® have driven the development of robotic mowing for more than 20 years, giving them unique knowledge and experience, and has led to a fleet of highly efficient, professional machines. Wherever you choose to use Automower®, you’ll get excellent results. They tirelessly spend their days producing perfectly cut lawns. Automower® is a smart investment for municipalities, facilities, sports clubs, landscapers and other businesses – from day one and many years to come.

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New levels of flexibility with Husqvarna EPOS technology
By now, the benefits of robotic mowing with Husqvarna Automower® are well-known. Now, with Husqvarna’s EPOS technology, lawncare just becomes even easier. With the EPOS technology, not only are the wires virtual – which means less hassle and more versatility – but you also get unmatched possibilities when programming your mowers. You can define several work areas with different settings as well as set temporary stay-out zones. Easier, more efficient – and still the same impressive end-result. (Select models)

Reliable operation 24/7
Automower® works day and night, is weather proof and gives you great results even in wet conditions. Furthermore, sophisticated sensors stop the mower before any danger occur. And the professional interface protects from unauthorized tampering. If Automower® gets stolen, it’s immediately locked, an alarm goes off and the built-in GPS shows the mower’s position.

Leave a green footprint
Since Automower® is electric, there are no direct emissions which contributes to considerably reduce your environmental impact. Furthermore, it does the job quietly. The cutting technique with sharp, pivoting blades and the innovative motor significantly reduce noise, which allows for 24/7 mowing in noise-restricted areas. The image at the right, which is based on a field test, clearly shows the big difference of how far the noise is spread from Automower® compared to a petrol-driven mower.

Give every lawn a carpet-like look
Wherever you choose to use your Automower® robotic mower, it provides an excellent result. By cutting the grass a small bit at a time, the three razor-sharp blades deliver a lawn quality that conventional blades can’t achieve. The nutrients and water content of the miniscule clippings provide a constant source of fertilization for the lawn, to keep it healthy, lush and green. And because of the random cutting pattern and their low weight, the mowers leave no visible tracks. 

Free up valuable time
Automower® could be the best investment you’ve ever made. You free up man hours, so you can spend your time on more qualified tasks, to deliver more value to your clients. Furthermore, thanks to the robust design, the electric motor and the long-lasting Li-ion battery type, it has a long service life and requires far less maintenance than conventional mowers, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Remote Management
Forget manual controls. The digital management tool Husqvarna Fleet Services™ keeps you updated and helps you manage your battery machines (as well as petrol-powered equipment) from anywhere. Via a phone, tablet or laptop you’re able to get access to a map view of your machines, various detailed statistics, service history of each machine – and get notifications when machines are due for service.


Automower® – the perfect choice for:

  • Landscapers – Investing in robotic mowers allow you to mow lawns at a considerably lower cost per square metre. All while you free up man hours to take on more qualified – and more profitable – jobs. And since Automower® is quiet, unobtrusive and provides an excellent cutting result, it’s sure to keep your customers happy. 
  • Municipalities – The quality of parks, gardens and other urban green spaces are becoming increasingly important for citizens and visitors alike. Automower® keeps lawns healthy and green at a low cost – all without disturbing local residents. At the same time, you drastically reduce pollution and CO2 emissions, laying the ground for a sustainable city.
  • Sports Clubs – To withstand heavy use, it’s essential to keep sports fields, such as football pitches, in pristine condition. Automower® is a proven and reliable solution to achieve this. The robotic mower requires a minimum of your attention. It delivers an excellent cut quality at all times, while the nutrients and water content of the grass clippings results in a stronger, healthier turf – ready for any game. All at a very low cost per football pitch.
  • Golf Courses – Automower® is the perfect solution for golf courses. By letting a number of our robotic mowers run on semi roughs and fairways, you’re able to secure a high cutting quality of the grass – at a much lower cost compared to conventional, service-heavy cylinder mowing. You easily monitor and manage every mower via our digital tool Husqvarna Fleet Services™ – from your mobile, tablet or laptop.
  • Facilities – Whether you manage the lawns for a hotel, an office building or another private property, you can rely on Automower® to provide impressive results. Your clients, guests and staff will surely appreciate the premium cut quality as well as the silent and fume-less operation. And you can spend less time managing the lawns and more time on other tasks, while you have complete control with Husqvarna Fleet Services™.
Model: 9704653-03
Robotic mower designed for professional fleet use. Fully equipped model featuring Husqvarna EPOS guidance with transport paths, AppDrive and precise area management. With virtual boundaries you can define several work areas with different settings as well as set temporary stay-out zones. Handles all..
Model: 9678534-03
Advanced and highly effective robotic mower with all-wheel-drive developed for professional use. The model is designed to take care of areas up to 3,500 m² and navigates obstacles, tough terrain and slopes of up to 70 %. Adapted for public installations with simplified control for easy interaction. ..
Model: 9676502-03
Professional robotic mower with a high cutting speed and large area capacity. Offering remote control including theft tracking through Husqvarna Fleet Services via PC/tablet, as well as full mower control and configuration via smartphone. GPS assisted navigation and weather timer ensures uniform cov..
Model: 9676621-03
Professional robotic mower with robst designand high cutting capacity. Equipped with commercial interface for simplified and robust interaction. Remote mower management and surveillance through Husqvarna Fleet Services™. GPS assisted navigation and weather timer ensures uniform coverage of complex l..
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